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Some kind words from Knot Planning couples

Love from Kara and Evan…
Kari is exactly what you want and need in a wedding planner, and if that isn't enough for you, she's also a phenomenal person. As a planner, Kari is reliable, calm, resourceful, reasonable, honest (even when things are hard to say and hear) creative, and caring. Kari has the ability to take the lead and follow, she is able to execute your wedding giving you as much or as little control as you'd like (and can vary the amount based upon your interest throughout the planning process). She will do the heavy lifting without being asked, and without seeking recognition or acknowledgement. Besides being a talented and hard working planner, Kari is wonderful to be around and work alongside. She is fun, funny, kind, and she cares about what she does and who she is as she's doing it. If you want to enjoy the planning as much as the event itself, if you want your wedding to be more than what you imagined it could be, and if you want to meet a dear friend - hire Kari Bedford.
…married August 9, 2015

Love from Kathryn and Will…
My wife and I would recommend Kari enthusiastically to anyone looking for help planning their wedding. We engaged her for day of coordination, and she was immensely helpful during what could have been the most stressful part of planning the event - the week of the wedding and on the day. During our initial meeting, Kari took her time to figure out what type of wedding we were looking for and how she could best assist us. After meeting with a number of planners and reviewing references, we were confident we had made the right decision in hiring Kari, and I'm happy to say the event was a fantastic success by all accounts.
…married July 18, 2015 

Love from Katie and Chris' parents…
We just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts in making yesterday a picture perfect day for Katie and Chris. Your team works like clockwork (and you ROUND the clock!) and your attention to detail ensures many beautiful memories for not only the bride and groom but their families as well. We cannot thank you enough!
…married May 30, 2015

Love from Jenn and Dom…
Thank you so much for helping to coordinate our wedding day! As you know, the only part I didn't like was when it ended! Everything else was exactly what I had hoped for. You had a huge role in the success of the evening. I have no idea how you did it all but you did, and it was amazing. Thank you for being there and for doing your job so well. It felt like we had a friend leading us through the day.
…married Oct 18, 2014

Love from Amy and Jeff…
We got married on June 22, 2013 when the city of Calgary was under water and in a state of emergency, yet I was not stressed about the wedding not happening. It all went off  without a hitch, and Kari was what made it happen so smoothly.

With the emergency situation that the city was in, it came as no surprise that our wedding plans completely changed 24 hours before the “I Do’s”. The flood impacted our entire wedding day – from the venue, to the hotel to even the photo locations we had chosen. The one constant was Kari. We had to secure a new vendor. We needed new flowers. All the other vendors not impacted by the flood had to be given the new details. It causes me anxiety even now to think about all the details and logistics that had to be coordinated.

Kari genuinely cares for her clients and their happiness. With all of the changes we had to make, it delayed several other things like the decorating and rehearsal. The hours were passing by into the late evening before the wedding and I was exhausted. Kari recognized this and sent me home to get some much needed rest. She took charge of the situation and made sure that our vision was executed. I was delighted to see the hall decorated even better than my expectation.

Kari was instrumental in making our wedding day happen. June 22nd was one of the happiest days of my life and we owe a huge portion of that to Kari.
…married June 22, 2013

Love from Krista and James ...
Thank you so much! You have been such a tremendous help through this process, I don't think I could have done it without you. Thank you for all your patience and hardwork. You have an attention to detail that is like a ninja!
... married October 5, 2013

Love from Deanne and Brad ...
I honestly don’t know how our wedding could have possibly turned out so well if we hadn’t hired Kari. She took on all the stuff that I couldn’t have possibly done without her (without losing my sanity). She is wonderful at finding amazing vendors and dealing with the not-so-easy-to-deal-with vendors. She was so incredibly helpful with all aspects of the wedding and so willing to step up and above the call of duty. She was worth every penny (and more!!) My advice to any couple out there planning a wedding. Don’t try to save some money by not getting a planner because they will save your sanity in the end and I honestly think Kari is the best woman for the job. She is so easy to get along with and even if your ideas are crazy and out of the box she will do her very best to make your vision happen. Our wedding day was stress free and exactly how I imagined it and it's all thanks to Kari and her wonderful ability to just make everything work. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Kari. You made my dream day truly a reality.
... married May 25, 2013

Love from Christy and Cam ...
We are so glad that you were there on our wedding day. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough! Our day wouldn't have run nearly as smoothly without your presence. You truly did a great job of being everywhere and no where at the same time. We cannot speak highly of you enough - your services were truly invaluable to us. Thank you again, you were truly appreciated, and fantastic at your job.
... married May 18, 2013

Love from Alex and Anders ...
I can not say enough good things about Kari, so lets start with, she was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day! I was the kind of bride that knew exactly what I wanted. I had everything envisioned with all the details I had made and put together, all I needed was someone there on the day of to make sure everything I had imagined on my wedding day came to life and on time. Kari did just that and more. She got my vision from day one and I knew she would take care of everything. She has such a gentle nature yet she is to the point and she was always there when needed. My mom just raves about how awesome you were Kari! I had no worries at all on my wedding day, which left me to enjoy the most amazing day of my life. I really enjoyed working with you, and thank you!
... married October 20, 2012

Love from Laurie and Pete ...
It was wonderful to have Kari as our wedding coordinator. Her expertise, calm and kind disposition and overall alacrity to get the job done was just so appreciated. I keep hearing little snippets and anecdotes of all the things she did behind the scenes that I wasn't even aware of!
... married September 8, 2012

Love from Christina and Chris ...
Kari is the reason our wedding went as smoothly as it did. Without her we would more than likely still be pulling out our hair and haggling with vendors before eventually giving up! She was extremely organized and worked marvels within our budget; what we thought was impossible she turned into our dream come true. Our day went without a single hiccup and was executed so impeccably that guests made the effort to comment on how extremely planned and organized the wedding was. Knot Planning really stayed true to their name. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to have Kari coordinate our wedding, her dedication and enthusiasm shined bright throughout the entire journey.
... married August 5, 2012

Love from Angela and Justin ...
When I started planning my wedding I became immediately overwhelmed with all of the little details involved. I’m a big picture kind of person who finds it difficult to focus on small, but sometimes, very important details. That’s where “Knot Planning” comes in with one of the most infectiously enthusiastic people I’ve met, Kari Bedford. My husband and I were immediately struck by her “can-do” attitude and her ability to prioritize our wedding “to-do’s” and make everything seem a lot simpler to achieve.

The most valuable aspect of working with Kari, is two-fold: First, she never made us feel that we were asking too much or that she was put out by any of the situations that arose. She always acted very professionally and was a master at quelling our nerves and getting stuff done. Secondly, on the day of our wedding, I couldn’t have asked for anybody more calm and collected to keep everything flowing and communicating with all of the vendors for me. Trust me, as a newlywed, it is indispensable to have someone like Kari taking care of business so that you can feel free to enjoy your wedding and not worry about the caterers, d.j, florist, minister, or any other of the people that you will encounter along the way to getting married. I fully appreciate everything that Kari did for us and truly think that our wedding wouldn’t have been as flawless as it was without her dedication and commitment to seeing our wishes fulfilled.

Finally, and probably the most salient point of all (especially for brides on a budget, like I was!), Kari offers the most reasonable price in the market for her services. I shopped around a bit for event planners, and was astounded to see how much other businesses were charging! She is a steal of deal and so worth every penny.

... married May 5, 2012

Love from Lindsey and Kyle ...
From the moment I met Kari I knew she was going to be the perfect coordinator for our wedding. She brought just the right balance of serious focused organization and big hearted excitement to our day. I could tell right from the start that she just LOVES weddings. Every time I told her about an idea or solicited advice her eyes lit up and she got a big smile on her face. We planned our wedding from out of town and I couldn't have imagined a better contact. Kari offered to meet with vendors on behalf of us and I did not hesitate in having her as our advocate. Kari encouraged the personal style we were going for and not once did she talk of obstacles. She made me feel that anything was possible. Kari was an amazing listener which really made me feel special as a bride and I felt like she was our little secret weapon.

I trusted Kari with some of our most precious cargo and she had everything where it needed to be when it needed to be there. Kari was calm and collected and "carried" with her, a feeling of tranquility. She set up our church almost single-handedly and thought of all the little things ahead of time. If something were to go wrong, we were prepared. Kari went above and beyond at every opportunity. She also made some suggestions that ended up being some of the stand-outs of the wedding.

Kari had terrific knowledge of vendors around the city. She was there immediately in a crisis and had a back-up plan for her back-up plans. Having her as our coordinator took a lot of pressure off as both my fiance and I were able to relax and enjoy every moment of the day. Ultimately Kari was by my side from the get go and come the big day she acted on behalf of my husband and I and executed the wedding of our dreams.
... married October 15, 2011

Love from a bride's parents ...
You did your magic on Colleen's special day. We hope you had as much fun as we did!
... married April 30, 2011